Al-Mahmal provides a full range of customized cleaning services for enhancing the appearance and features of high-profile client properties while preserving their investments and properties.

Al-Mahmal recruits fully trained teams with extensive expertise in each project to achieve optimal results.

"We are proud of providing the highest quality services with better prices"

In addition to providing maintenance and public cleaning services, we provide the following customized services:

Pressure washing services:

Pavements and internal fillings are made by technicians using equipment with more than 2500 lb./ square inch to effectively clean pavements, pedestrian paths, and outer surfaces to maintain clean the entrances, and internal, and external appearance of the building.

Swimming pool and fountain cleaning services:

We provide cleaning, and maintenance services for swimming pool and fountains to ensure pure water free of impurities. Appropriate methods are used to treat water effectively.

Floor cleaning services:

We provide detailed and precise floor cleaning services for improving floor appearance by removing dirt. Our professional experts have obtained training in all cleaning, polishing, and maintenance areas. We only use high quality materials with the latest equipment available in the market.

Carpet and floor rug services:

We use the best shampoos and the most effective cleaning methods to clean floor rugs by using the latest technologies and equipment in a professional form.

This dedicated work would enhance the external general appearance of the building and extend the longevity of floor rugs.