About us

We aim to deliver a Quality Facilities Management Service so we firmly believe it is not what Al Mahmal puts into our Service Delivery, it is what our Clients get out of it that is important to us.

For Al Mahmal, Service Excellence includes:

  • Carrying out a Needs Analysis for each Project
  • Ensuring our staff are qualified, trained and inducted to deliver solutions to the Needs Analysis and be fully aware of SLA/KPI requirements
  • Ensuring our Policies & Procedures and associated Standard Operating Procedures are fit for purpose for each individual Project
  • Keeping these Procedures simple and Auditing their use and compliance
  • Championing and sharing ‘Best Practice’ not only across our Projects but throughout our business
  • Continually Auditing and Improving our Services
  • Keeping Service Delivery standards consistently high as our reputation relies on this
  • Implementing Customer Care & Customer Satisfaction Surveys for direct Client feedback

Facilities Management

As an Al Mahmal Client, we guarantee you will receive a highly professional and customer focussed approach specifically designed to your FM needs.

Our goal is to create the perfect environment for you.


For Al Mahmal, FM Operations includes:

  • Post Construction FM Transition Management from Building Handover
  • Staff Induction, Training and Awareness
  • Provision of Help Desk & CAFM System
  • Planned & Reactive Maintenance activities
  • Management & Supervision of Specialist Service Providers
  • Security, Cleaning and Waste Management Services
  • Client/Tenant/Resident Satisfaction Surveys
  • Site Specific Processes, Policies and Procedures
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Asset Condition Surveys
  • Statistical Recording & Reporting on FM Operations
  • Project Auditing to compliment Customer Care/Satisfaction Surveys
  • Drafting FM Strategies
  • Reviewing ICT Systems & Integration
  • Design Development
  • Construction Phase Reviews
  • Commissioning Management
  • Preparation for FM Operations

Asset Management

Organisations that have adopted a systematic and optimized approach to Asset Management have consistent and significant bottom-line cost and performance improvements.

  • For Al Mahmal, Asset Management includes:
    • Warranty Tracking
    • Effective PPM Planning
    • Maximized Resources
    • Management by CAFM
    • Repair History Analysis
    • Pro Active Solutions to History Analysis for:
      • Reduced Downtime
      • Increased Efficiency
      • Improved Asset Life
      • Effective PPM Planning

Energy Management

There is more than you would imagine relying on the performance of your building, be it resident or tenant satisfaction, return on investment value or cost-effective building operations. Owners and managers of buildings around the Kingdom are now systematically turning to specialist companies to provide more efficient building systems, more consistent occupant comfort, more productive staff and guaranteed energy savings.

In pursuit of these goals Al Mahmal’s Energy Management includes:

  • Building Management System Reviews
  • Installation of Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Managing Utility Meters, Alarms and Emissions
  • Tracking Consumption & Analyzing Utility Data
  • Reporting, Analyzing and Forecasting Energy Demands
  • Analyzing Utility Rate Structures and Utility Bills
  • Analyze and Forecast Energy Demands

FM Consultancy

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive package of Facilities Management Consultancy Services that seek to optimize the Design, Management and Operation of the Facility to give the best possible value over the whole life of a Project.


  • For Al Mahmal FM Consultancy includes:
    • Drafting Project Specific FM Strategies
    • Reviewing ICT Systems & Integration
    • Design Review and Development
    • Construction Phase Reviews
    • Commissioning Management & Handover
    • Preparation for FM Operations


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