Safety and security in Al-Mahmal Facilities Services combine the best and latest related technology on one hand and training of individuals and guards who comfortably and pleasingly safeguard, monitor, and preserve the client properties in a good condition.

Taking care of our clients is key to productivity and presence. We believe that serving the client effectively is a behavior rather a mere management.

Security and safety services are managed and operated by new Saudi youth under the supervision of senior staff and experts who have a substantial administrative and field position background.

Therefore, our clients feel safe and secure as their properties are always safe and maintained in a peaceful atmosphere, which would raise no concerns. In addition, our supervisors and guards are well-trained and highly qualified in building and maintaining the trust of our clients in our security devices and services.

  • Our facility has obtained 9001:2008 certification of Quality Assurance System. It performs a thorough inspection and examination for any building along with its facilities on a periodic or continuous basis.Moreover, all potential risk forms are constantly identified and immediately managed.
  • CCTV operators of our team are well-trained in using different analysis techniques displayed on CCTV surveillance monitors. Their rapid response ensures that any emerging emergency taking place in any facility shall be directly managed to avoid potential incidents.
  • It is known that fire risks pose the largest threat to building assets considering time as a key factor for managing them. Therefore, our guard officers are trained to play the role of real professional firefighters. Thus, in such case, the team shall directly take actions necessary for extinguishing fire, if any, God forbid, by using fire extinguishers available in the building, instead of waiting for Civil Defense Forces which may lead to substantial losses sustained by humans or assets.

Protection of your properties and assets is also Our duty.